Fully live your journey!

Myscenery helps you track your adventures, and share your experiences with your friends and family.


3 things you'll love about Myscenery

Works Offline

Your travel diary will sync offline material when you connect to wifi

Geo-tracked Photo Album

An interactive map traces your travels and puts a where on the what

Chatty? Brief?

You can add context to your photos and steps to share your experiences
And above all, an intuitive and easy app to use!

How does it work?

Create a step

Geo-tracking automatically gets your position

Choose the pictures and videos you want to upload

With just two taps on the screen, you choose the pictures to import among the ones you took since the previous step

Tell your story

You can go deeper into details by writing a blog post for major steps
Your travel diary fills in automatically!

Your loved ones can then go to https://myscenery.io/your_nickname to follow and comment your journeys

Advanced features

Full privacy control

Share your travel diary, in whole or in part, or keep it private.

Customize your map

Map background, mode of transport… you can fit all your moods

Upload your GPS tracks

Visualize your hikes or excursions tracks and enjoy awesome statistics

Live tracking

Link your GPS tracker to share your position regularly and reassure your friends and family
What features would you like us to add? Please let us know

Lead travel diaries

Inspire yourself and explore the world with Myscenery traveller community! Explore more travel diaries